Discover your perfect getaway at Westwind RV Park

26 free public services & facilities

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Escape to nature and stay at Westwind RV Park

Gwillim Lake Provincial Park & Moberly Lake Marina nearby

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Where adventure meets relaxation: Westwind RV Park & Campsite

This is your happy RV park home!

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The ultimate camping experience awaits you at Westwind RV Park & Campsit

This is your happy RV park home!

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Unplug, unwind and reconnect with nature at Westwind RV Park & Campsite

located in the center of Chetwynd, the world-famous wood carving art city

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Great RV + Tent Camping Life

Walk around town and admire these amazing works of art! marvelous!

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Discover the magic of camping and RVing at Westwind RV Park & Campsite

Chetwynd exudes a lot of charm and the sculptures showcased there are truly stunning.

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The experience of living in an RV or tent while camping is enjoyable and fulfilling.

32 complimentary utilities and services, giving you a unique and artistic caravan park

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Free experience and open whole year no cancellation fee

We want to present your RV a 5-star healthy and happy park

We will provide intelligence+manpower service 24hours/365days



  1. West Wind RV & Tent Camping Park is the RV park in the world’s top chainsaw carving art city. Adjacent to the world famous Daysinn Hotel, in the heart of the Arts District, surrounded by award winning carvings from Chainsaw Carving.
  2. West Wind RV Park started in 2006. From May 2023 we will be open year-round.
  3. Full Hook-Up:48 sets
  4. Tent camping island: 68 sets
  5. parking lot: 72 sets
  6. total rental units:188 sets

Safe and efficient booking process:

Prices in 2023: May 1st – May 31st

Special Pricing

A. Fully Hooked Lot{33ft-46ft * 12ft} *

  • $667.5 per month                   $210 per week                             $33 per day
B .Suit camping (for RV):2 parking lot +specific sewage ,power,water (LOT 49 and 35)OR
     Tent camping island Exclusive Tent Camp {12ft*12ft}+Exclusive Ordinary Parking Space {12ft*10ft}
  • $380 per month                      $100 per week                             $22 per day
C.Small car(less than 15 ft.) parking
  • $220 per month                      $80 per week                                 $20 per day
D. one time single power charging, filling water ,shower
 $8 /30 minutes  meeting
$30 for maximum 10 participants

November 1 to April 30 (total 6 months  )*

Only provides intelligent self-service: Accepts check-in first, then offers 24-hour honest self-service charging model.
Payment can be made by credit card or email.
Prices: $500 per month $180 per week $30 per day.
Includes 1. Intelligent key, 2. Intelligent voice service, 3. Intelligent security system, 4. Intelligent self-service, 5. Wi-Fi, 6. Electricity, 7. Parking, 8. Self-service garbage recycling, 9. Sewage pipes, 10. Self-service temporary restroom facilities, 11. Self-service mini kitchen, 12. Hot shower rooms, 13. Coin-operated self-service antique souvenir shop, 14. Self-service charging, 15. Self-service sewage disposal, 16. Self-service laundry room, 17. Remote human AI assistance to solve all problems.

Additional fee-based services: Warm water swimming, hot water massage pool, hot air sauna, etc.: $8/time. Coin-operated laundry service: $4.5/time. (wash+dryer)

)One-time service during regular hours: $8/30 minutes


Booking Procedure: 

A. When making a reservation, please provide your booking information for confirmation. 

B. Our company will provide a manager’s welcome letter and relevant instructions via email, phone, etc.

C.The reservation is confirmed for 11:00 am, and with the guidance of the on-site manager and intelligent prompts, you can easily access the designated location.

D. Special Offer: If you provide credit card information, you will instantly become a Gold member and enjoy a long-term 5% discount. We will send you an invoice. Various bank cards can be used for payment during the booking process. We also provide the Wi-Fi password and exciting service passwords through on-site intelligent self-service. E. Gold members can use email: We will send you the invoice, and you can send the payment to through electronic transfer. 

E. Any bookings can be made through our official website, email, phone, or third-party booking platforms. Please settle the remaining payment (if any) to our company within 60 minutes of satisfactory check-in experience. Service Content: 26 Free Public Services or Facilities

Wi-Fi Network: 1Telus+Starlink

2Clean showers

3Swimming pool


26Mini kitchen

Special Appreciation Promotions

We greatly appreciate the loyal patronage of our long standing customers for 16 years.

Those who regularly do business with us will receive coupons via email. 

May of this year will have 25% discount of regular price.