Your smart self-service RV park home. Introduction to West Wind

Started in 2006

Operating Season:

Begin at May 2023, full year services

Our Valued

Customer first, Reputation first; Business for perfection.

Camping address

Chetwynd, British Columbia, Canada

Business Location:

Camp Entrance

Amenity facilities:

Accommodation, water and electricity piles, toilets, sewage wells, shower rooms, kitchenettes, barbecue pits; community entertainment centers [swimming, fitness, courts, large children’s playgrounds]

Attractions Introduction:


Forest-style tent RV camp. Founded: May 13, 2006.


Chetwin District. City center, only 2 minutes away from City Hall, banks and supermarkets.

RV Park Specs

RV Park land size: 283,136 sf

RV parking lots:

  • Full Hook-Up: 48 sets

Tent camping island:

  • Tent Island Campsites: 68 Sets
  • parking lot:72 sets
    total rental unit:188 sets

Accommodation hotel 5 tent hotel suites
Free: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, camp laundry, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, mountain adventure, large children’s playground, rock climbing and other leisure facilities

Some facilities are provided by partners, only 1 minute drive from the hotel.


RV camping, tent camping, camping hotels. 


The healthy ecological environment is excellent, the water quality is perfect, the environment is elegant, the climate is pleasant, the air is fresh, and the negative oxygen ion content is extremely high. It is the “natural oxygen bar” in northern BC.

Camp Center Features:

Outdoor barbecue gardens and campsites for various activities such as tourism reception, facility rental, sightseeing introduction, information consultation, check-in checkout, office, etc.: weddings, conferences, outdoor company business development, etc.

G1-30 : G39-G70: Camping Area

Free use of all public facilities;

G31-G40 Leisure and entertainment area

It can provide many entertainment activities such as adventure, barbecue, picnic, games, children’s play, bonfire party and so on. Cultural and recreational activities focus on reflecting the regional characteristics and cultural resources here. Whether you are a migrant worker or a self-driving travel enthusiast, we are happy to provide more and more good rest and entertainment spaces, so that more people can enter Chetwynde, the woodcarving capital of the world, and live a happy, natural life and a healthy life. Life.

For the past 16 years, we have made more and more bookings, wonderful experiences and guided tours for a large number of guests; you are welcome to book by phone or online; in order to serve you and everyone better, let us continue to send warm greetings to you and your family, and we are happy to provide you and your family with a good life experience service! September 9, 2022