Frequently Asked Questions

Open all year round, free experience, no cancellation fee for reservations.

To become a Gold member and make a reservation for free, please follow these steps:

  1. Send us your information via phone, SMS, or email. Include your full name, complete address, phone number, email address, arrival and departure dates, duration of stay, number of adults and children, pets, and type of RV unit. RV units: Please provide the length of the unit and its amperage.

  2. Let us know if you would like to book a Full Hookup Lot or Tent Camping Island.

  3. Our company will contact you as soon as possible via SMS or email to confirm your official membership as a Gold member.

  4. We will provide you with the reserved site number and relevant instructions.

  5. When you arrive, you can directly access the designated location at West Wind RV Park and enjoy a free visit and experience of 26 service facilities for 60 minutes, following our instructions.

  6. If you are satisfied, you can provide us with your credit card information or make payment via email transfer to settle the outstanding amount.

  7. You can then start enjoying the wonderful art tourism or work-life in Chetwynd.

Note: If you want to avail a special discount, please provide us with your credit card information to immediately become a Gem member and enjoy a 5% discount. Thank you!

1. Email us your information:

  • Please include your name, full address, mobile phone number, email address, arrival and departure dates, length of stay,
  • Number of adults and children, pets,type of caravan.
  • What is the unit length of the RV and what is the amperage?
  • Are you ordering the Full Hook up Lot or the Tent Camping Island?
  • Credit card number, expiration date, credit card CVV number;

2. Watch our company email you the RVPark password and related instructions. The booking is complete


1. Email us your information:

Please include your name, full address, mobile phone number, email address, arrival and departure dates, length of stay,

  • Number of adults and children,pets, type of caravan.
  • What is the unit length of the RV and what is the amperage?
  • Are you ordering the Full Hook up Lot or the Tent Camping Island?

2. Watch our company email you the RVPark password and related instructions. The booking is complete.

We are open 24/7, so you can visit the park anytime. Your RV can enter the free area and you can choose any available parking space from 1 to 9. You will have dedicated electricity and water supply. The WiFi password is “westwind”. If you have any questions, you can leave a message 24/7 or call the on-site manager between 10:30 AM and 8:00 PM. Welcome and enjoy your free trial!

no cancellation fee for reservations

Refund Policy:

If you cancel within the time frame specified in the cancellation policy (within 60 minutes of arrival on site), we will refund the full amount you paid.

Refunds will be made to the credit card or the card you provided when booking.

Refunds may take some time to process, depending on the policies of your credit card issuer.

Please note that the above policies are only applicable to customers who directly book through the official website designated telephone, email or SMS channels. 

almost Fixed and unchanged prices for the entire year of 2023: Please refer to our rate page at: https://www.westwindrvpark.com/rates/

Yes. Additional person/vehicle (up to 15 feet in length)

  • Daily: $5
  • Weekly: $20
  • Monthly: $50

Visitor Parking: $5/day; Visitor Hours: 7:00 am-10 pm.


  • Full Hook-Up 48 sets
  • Tent camping island: 68 sets
  • parking lot: 72 sets
  • total rental units:188 sets

The scope of services provided by Full Hook-UP Lot:

  • 30 Amp and 50 Amp Power Supply
  • 26 complimentary amenities and all free services;
  • Dedicated sewage well,
  • Coin-operated laundry and drying room and supporting facilities, coin-operated vending machines,
  • RV Exclusive Fully Hooked Up Lot {12ft * 33ft-46ft}
  • Suit Tent Camp {12ft*12ft}+{12ft*10ft} Exclusive Ordinary Parking Space(for example:B39+G39)
  • Coin-operated laundry and drying room and supporting facilities, coin-operated vending machines,
  • 26 free public services or facilities (expect more giveaways)
  • Lot 49 is special place for your RV to do pollution discharge.

26 free public services & facilities:

  1. WiFi network: Telus+Starlink
  2. Public water
  3. Public electricity
  4. Public toilets
  5. Public shower room
  6. Small kitchen and related equipment
  7. Free information of local government and tours
  8. Small book reading room
  9. BBQ Pit
  10. Swimming pool
  11. whirlpool
  12. Sauna
  13. Rock climbing
  14. Gym
  15. Large children’s playground
  16. Miniature Museum
  17. Microwave tableware matching
  18. Picnic table and chairs
  19. Fantastic Fire Pit 
  20. Entertainment products
  21. Juicer
  22. Children’s fun toys
  23. Large barbecue pit
  24. Large sanitary trash can
  25. Vegetable garden life experience
  26. Garden life experience

A = Full connection lot {33*46ft*12ft}:
B = Parking space {12ft*12ft};
G = tent campsite {12ft*10ft};

Suit:B+G with the same number can be combined into a tent camping island unit, for example: B38 parking space and G38 tent camping can be combined into a tent camping island unit BG38 tent camping island.

We offer reservations for specific locations. There are special circumstances that can be accepted, but not 100% guaranteed(depends on real case etc. ).

Westwind’s prime location allows you to enjoy our great facilities while being close to many wonderful leisure venues such as:

  • Access to hiking/biking trails
  • bird watching, horseback riding
  • Lots of mature trees, green spaces and ramps. Bring your bike.
  • Fun-filled outdoor playground
  • Second-hand convenience stores and malls
  • Public Restrooms (Wheelchair Accessible)
  • Shower facilities (wheelchair accessible)
  • Laundry: 3 on-site commercial washing machines
  • Large sink (great for soaking clothes or doing dishes)
  • Outdoor RV storage available in winter
  • There are 120 parking spaces and 188 rental units throughout the year.
  • Rainforest trail leading to world-renowned carving art
  • outdoor park stage

Quiet time is 10:00pm. The music should be loud enough for you to enjoy on your site, no music after 10pm. Everyone please respects your neighbors. Park only on your lot, not on your empty block or road.
if you come late,you just find the vacant site to settle down, then see us and do payment in the next day.(if there is a site


Above rates include 30 amps: if 50 amps, there is an additional $2 per day and $50 per month.

We have fully installed and remodeled in 2022, integrating the supported Wi-Fi network through the TELUS network and Starlink external network to make coverage of each rental unit location in all 188 rental units.

An urban tourist resort center full of unique world art, providing 32 facilities and increasingly better services for all RV tourists and other vehicle tourists;

  • A car connected to a 30 or 50 amp electrical outlet; power consumption should be very low. Please check the power consumption of major electrical appliances. Always calculate your electricity usage when using more than 2 or 3 appliances at the same time. The total power consumption should not exceed 3300w or the circuit breaker will trip. The appliances that consume the most electricity are refrigerators/freezers, air conditioners, microwave ovens and range hoods. Using multiple phone or iPad chargers (approximately 100w to 200w each), while turning on the air conditioner, coffee maker (approximately 750w to 2000w) and using a hair dryer (1000w to 2000w) can cause the trailer fuse to blow and cut power. Anything else that uses a “resistor” to generate heat uses a lot of power, such as an electric kettle. That’s why we only offer non-electric kettles. We offer low power hair dryers (1000w) and coffee machines (750w). If unfortunately the fuse is blown, please call our staff to replace it. If the fuse fails due to your party being overplugged, your account will be charged an additional $100 each time there are 2 overplugs.

Please put all toilet paper and items in the trash can in the room and do not flush any other items down the toilet, or any drain. Toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, etc. are not easy to dissolve and can easily cause clogging. If damage is human-caused, any vandals will be responsible for all repair materials and/labor charges.


Check-out time is 11:00 am. Those wishing to stay longer will be charged $5.00 per hour if the site is not already rented. Will be arranged upon arrival or booking. Thanks.

  • Chetwynd City, is a world-class unique woodcarving art city,
  • Original works of art are scattered all over the city, intertwined with wonderful, unique, dreamy images…..
  • Churches, shopping malls, banks, libraries- 3 minutes
  • Common area with plenty of books and sports, games – 2 minutes
  • Supermarket, gas station – 2 minutes
  • Government, Hospital, Fire Station – 5 minutes
  • Car wash, multiple hiking trails – 1 min

We are open year-round and provide 30 facilities and services from May to October. You can contact us directly via email, phone, or text message.

Our office or service hours are 24/7, with regular office hours from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.

You are welcome to contact us 24/7 via phone, email, or online booking. We appreciate any feedback or suggestions for improvement. Thank you!



Westwind RV Park is located in the center of Chetwynd, the world-famous wood carving art city; it is close to the world-famous hotel Daysinn. Wood carving art gallery.

During the second weekend in June, wood carvers from all over the world come together in Chetwynd to demonstrate their chainsaw skills. Everything is free, including food, crafts, and fun! Watch Lady Gaga, Spider-Man, and more.

Try Little Prairie Cabs, their phone number is 250-788-2844.

Try Link’s Pub & Grill, Dragon Palace, New Tokyo Sushi in town.

Simple, just recommend someone who rents our Westwind owned model park or RV site for a month in a row.
The only stipulation is that friends or relatives cannot live here for the past 2 years. Two successful referrals will qualify you for a $250 credit!

Coin Laundromat – $2/washer, $2/dryer
Coin-operated vending machines, free ironing accessories, micro kitchen equipment, books, water tank.

It is an excellent place for tourist accommodation near the Art Sculpture Competition, staff long-term accommodation, weddings, hunting, family gatherings, corporate group camping, etc. We can arrange chaplaincy and other relevant resources to fully complement your exciting and joyful event. Whatever your event needs and occasion, we do our best to accommodate all your health, safety, hygiene and efficiency needs, even with over 32 facilities and services.

We offer caravan or cargo storage all year round. Limited to designated rental parking spaces or camping areas provided by us.

Although weather and bugs are a natural part of the camping experience. Fortunately, there are very few mosquitoes at Westwind RV Park and Vitality Seam Campground.

  • All reservations need to provide
  • A $100 deposit or full payment is required in advance, please refer to : https://www.westwindrvpark.com/rates/
  • All bookings require email, text message, phone call, online booking engine,
  • If you do not receive payment within 48 hours of booking, your booking will be canceled.

Discounts may not be applied to already discounted prices. To get the daily and monthly discounted price, you must pay the deposit in advance and pay the full balance within 24 hours after check-in according to our requirements.

  • It is illegal to use a fire pit unattended.
  • You can use a gas/propane or briquette grill.
  • Fireworks are prohibited. (Canada BC Fireworks Act RSBC1996 Chapter 146)

Children under 10 should shower with adults. Do not use non-toilet related appliances in the shower area, ie: electric frying pans, battery boosters, coffee makers, etc.

Bikes should be on the road, not on crowded sidewalks around restroom/shower areas.

Yes, all prices are subject to applicable GST.
Example: Prices are subject to Canadian federal taxes and British Columbia local taxes. Subject to change without notice.

Goodsam members enjoy a 10% discount. For others, please browse the news or rate page. Thanks

In the month when the market demand is stable, the published annual price list shall prevail. In the special peak season, if the market demand changes, the price needs to be revised and improved without prior notice to every new and old customer.

Guests are required to remove all trash and recycling items from the site when they leave the campsite;

Opposite the public toilets. We have a range of large sanitary litter boxes for guests only near the washrooms.


No. Cutting branches will result in a fine of up to $1,000 and immediate eviction without refund.

Yes. Please be considerate that other guests enjoy their stay as well. Do not bring food with strong odors into the trailer, whether it is food from the refrigerator, freezer, sink, pot or stove top. Cleaning or cooking seafood that is in shell or has a strong smell is prohibited in luxury tents. Uncleaned pots that leave stinky soup are unacceptable and we reserve the right to charge over $100 for such irresponsible behavior.

In the public interest, pets must be on a leash at all times and pets are not allowed in the restroom.

Sorry, only in your car or within the station limits.
ANY ROOM IN THE BUILDING: Smoking is prohibited in the offices and service centers, otherwise a cleaning fee of $100 or more will be charged.

For the service satisfaction of you and everyone, the system and regulations of the park may be optimized and improved from time to time, and we will continue to work hard to serve the public interest and customer needs in the best way.

Yes, welcome to send questions and suggestions to wwrvchetwynd@gmail.com, or directly communicate with the park administrator, we will try our best to reply within 7 days, thank you!

  • Any booking can be made via
    • E-mail Transferred :We will send you an invoice and you may pay via e-transfer wwrvchetwynd@gmail.com
    • Credit Card: We will send you an invoice, and you may pay via Credit Card
  • At 11:00 in the morning, you can happily enter the reserved position according to the prompt.
  • If there is any balance that has not been paid, please pay to the company within 24 hours after check-in.